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We are passionate about the NZ construction industry.
We want all workers to have access to the best possible health & safety tools at an affordable price.
Jim Quinn

The cigarettes Jimmy Page smoked during the recording of Coda is relevant to only a few people - Jim is one of them. A rock aficionado par excellence, whose happy place is the mosh pit.

When not at concerts, Jim brings to bear a lifetime of commercial experience and wisdom to Comply Pro. As a mentor and a strategist Jim keeps our eyes firmly on the big picture.

Comply Pro’s governance is in extremely good hands with this ageing groupie in the mix.

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Roly Rogers
Board Member

One of NZ original tech entrepreneurs, Roly built software when ‘code’ came on cardboard with holes in it.  Roly has had a life-long passion for innovation and invention, creating among many other firsts,  the world's first electronic signature capture for couriers on a Cassiopeia (look it up).

Roly has been a lifelong adventurer, from Targa Rallies to 40m dives off Great Barrier - Roly can really stake his claim to “been there, done that”.

His dry sense of humor and keen wit leads to some side-cracking repostes at the Comply Pro watering hole - the BBC.

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Micheal Hartley
Chief Executive Officer

Serial CEO Tech entrepreneur, no one believes “this will be the last one”. Is often heard saying do the ‘mahi’ to get the treats, he heard it somewhere and thinks it sounds cool.  

Took up Meditation and Yoga to lower his golf handicap. When building the ComplyPro team he had the a goal of not being the smartest guy in the room, although we suspect that is also part of the plan to lower his handicap.

Actively engaged in a project to personally meet all the sharks in the Hauraki Gulf, Michael’s happy place is below the surface.

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Trish Love - CFO
Trish Love
Chief Financial Officer

Accomplished entrepreneur, investor, accountant, mentor of all things finance. Trish is a  published author on business growth and financial intelligence, Trish’s burning aspiration is to help as many people as possible to understand what is holding them back financially. Trish has the experience, tenacity and wisdom to keep Comply Pro on the straight and narrow.
When she doesn't have her hand on the Comply Pro tiller, Trish hangs out with her husband and four kids at their various activities.  She also enjoys umpiring for their netball games, relaxing with a good book, writing or meditating - not your everyday accountant

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Mike Sharp
Head of Product

A proverbial  stalwart of the construction industry, walks around the CBD pointing out projects he has worked on, interesting the first time but gets old fast. Only recently stopped playing rugby, replaced rugby with mountain biking, promptly road the length of the country on the Tour of Aotearoa.

Mike provides the all important  industry perspective what will work and what won't. Committed to making workplace safer, Mike believes strongly in the need for smart, intuitive operational Safety Software and holds us to account if we don't meet his expectations....although often over a beer least the criticism comes off the wrong way.

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Greg Hart
Head of Product

A proud west coaster (south island of course) from tunneller to ostrich farmer to globe-trotting rock guitarist, Greg has redefined the career trajectory of a UX designer.  How Greg became one of NZ's best UX designers and SaaS marketers, remains one of life's great mysteries. No one is buying Greg's  “I just have talent” explanation, most of us have settled on Alien abduction theories.

Greg is in the process of launching his own craft beer, having put Steve and the BBC team on notice. As long as the Aliens play ball it should be a great drop.

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Ryan Hartley
Head of Sales

Totally next Gen, Ry represents the new bread of SAAS professional.  Worships at the Hubspot Alter is a true disciple of Brian Halligan. Eats, breathes and sleeps business development. Believes he is single-handedly responsible for the success of Site App Pro..... no one has yet had the heart to burst his bubble, millennials are so sensitive.

He would have us believe his day starts at 5 am at the Gym, the only one in the team who is trying to gain weight. Is yet to come to terms with the true trajectory of his rugby career.

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Maddy Caro
Business Development Manager

Arts degree, an acting diploma - perfect qualifications for our newest recruit. A rising star of our sales team, Maddy, proves every day, that it's not about ego, testosterone or bluster, it is all about empathy passion and attention to detail. Maddy's, keen intellect, inquisitive style, and engaging communications gives our clients a strong internal advocate. Maddy takes the term digital natives to another level, making the software work for her customers

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Helen Clarkson
Head of Implementation

A Naval Engineer with a career in the North Sea oil fields, Helen is not fazed by much. Her ability to turn the technical into lay speak and turn lay speak into the technical is at the heart of SAP innovative wizard design. Helen holds a deep knowledge of how rules and regulation impact on our product and customers. Helen is absolutely the right person to have in your corner when the verifiers come knocking. Paddle boarder, tennis captain, hockey player, mother of highly managed adolescents, Helen is indeed a woman for all seasons.

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Sophie Quinn
Customer Success Manager

A career in professional Dance is not exactly a traditional background for a support specialist. Perhaps it's her ability to stay in step with our customers that makes Sophie such an amazing customer advocate.  Or it could be, getting the software to sing and dance for our customers is how Sophie rolls or it might be that Sophie takes a bad ‘Help Scout’ happiness rating as personally as she does a bad  judges score. Metaphors aside, Sophie is an amazing talent to have in your corner.

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Jacquie Bennett
Marketing Strategy

Jacs is an effervescent ball of strategic goodness. She’s worked internationally and locally as a strategist for nearly 20 years. She’s passionate about positioning brands for success, putting the customer at the heart and inspiring creativity and innovation. Laying down the marketing foundation, focusing on the long game Jacs has SafeFood Pro on the  track to stardom.

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Rick Fleming
Rick Fleming
Digital Strategy

Having spent many years working in the fields of Digital marketing, Performance Media, Conversion Optimization and Graphic Design. Hands-on experience, self-taught development, curiosity and passion have yielded a diverse skillset that touches on many marketing specialties.
A refugee from Devonport, when he is not on the side of the sports field following his kids around Auckland, he spends some time with his bass guitar, says a bit about marketing that he and Greg are yet to play together.  When it all gets too much Rick is a keen Yak fisho - yet to see the fish photos but the stories are good.

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John Clarkson
Head of Technology

An engineer’s, engineer, John is all about the logic. The reason our code is tight, our architectures sophisticated and our system performant, is all down to John’s dedication to excellence.  John is an ardent advocate of the  SAAS methodology and has baked it into our product designs and road map. When he is not head down in the code or participate in one of favourite office past time of baiting the sales team, John is a team sportsman, football in winter, cricket in the summer sprinkled with some hardcore tramping in between.

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Alston Kim
Mobile Developer

Alston's career as a developer has got him to the point of heading our mobile development. If taking Ux designs from Greg and matching John’s architecture with precise bug-free code is your idea of a great day, then welcome to "Alston's World". A recent home-owner in the Auckland housing tsunami Alston is developing a strong DIY bent. He receives much wanted and unwanted advice from the office warriors on Monday.

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Ivan Surya
Software Developer

Ivan visits more countries per year than the rest of the team combined. The Wanderlust is strong with Ivan from adventure tourism to high tea, he is the reason tripadvisor exists. Applied for a role at Lonely Planet but didn’t want to mess up his travel with all that writing. When he’s not pursuing influencer status on Instagram, Ivan takes pride in our backend and database code. Ivan treats bugs in our backend as a personal affront and will not rest until issues are resolved. Ivan passionately argues for the best customer results and is lightning fast at nailing any support work that comes his way.

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Kirsty Dunn
Billing & Sensor Support

Kirsty wrangles our billing engine and runs our sensor, support and logistics. Quick on the update Kirsty dovetails neatly into our support team.
A natural competitor and adventure whether it's on the tennis court  or on the trail of other  "spirited women" Kirsty brings her A game to SFP.Kirsty is proof that 15 years of  child rearing (3)  just sharpens your organisational and commercial skills. Coming from a commerce background, logistics and working in software start-ups in the UK. Kirsty brings a depth of experience and professionalism to SFP.

Dom Light - Senior Product Analyst
Dom Light
Senior Product Analyst

Living in the space between dev, customer success, sales and marketing is never going to be easy. Coming from a family of six Dom is a precondition to competing priorities and balancing obligations. An excellent bedside manner,  warm engaging style, often heard saying  "I am sure we can do that" endears Dom to our customers.
When he is not applying  his diplomatic and analytical skills Dom is expanding his intellectual horizon with Film and Literature.  Dom has a creative flair with a semi professional photography  skill and if that isn't enough loves nothing more than throwing clay on the pottery wheel.

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Michael Jones
Product Analyst

Named after the world's best openside, Michael had his own rugby playing career cut short by a broken collar bone, so to play it safe he took up mountain biking, a lead cause of collar bone injuries.  As a budding lead guitarist  Michael has offered to join the marketing band, assuming Greg and Rick get around to forming one. A good keen man, Michael is always up for outdoor adventures as well as football, tennis and skiing - the chances of him breaking that CollarBone again seems relatively high. Injuries not withstanding, Michael is something of a rising star, quick on the uptake he is able to grasp our products raison d'etre. Michael has proven incredibly popular with the rest of the team for his ability to test, test and test again.  We are bloody lucky to have this Michael Jones in our company colours.

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Customer Relations

We couldn’t decide on Office Dog or an Office Cat. We kicked for touch and got a “Lola” a unique mix of all the sloth characteristic of cats with all of a dogs infatuation for humans.

Intensely insecure she takes the existant of other dogs as an existential threat.

A good lunch date, we think she is happiest at the lounge bar at the BBC, makes a sport of finding new places in the office to sleep. Chief suspect in any food thefts.

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